Rhinoplasty Buffalo, New York

Rhinoplasty (or commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ or ‘nose reshaping’) is a procedure that restructures the nose in order to improve your aesthetic appearance. Nasal plastic surgery may be performed for strictly cosmetic reasons (cosmetic rhinoplasty), for strictly breathing reasons (septoplasty), and more commonly for a combination of both (rhinoplasty + septoplasty). It is important to understand how the thickness of the skin influences the result of the rhinoplasty.

The following information was developed by Dr. Bustillo to educate and inform the public about the continued procedure. You can expect limited nasal drainage and some slight swelling of the nose which will gradually decrease over time. Corrective surgery focused on hump reduction, straightening, and some tip refinement to restore her nose to its pre-injury appearance.

The third edition came with an interactive DVD ROM with 4 hours of live surgery. The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, although subsequent injury or other factors can alter the nose’s appearance. Most patients seeking rhinoplasty are looking for a smaller nose rather than a larger nose. Smokers have more difficulty healing from rhinoplasty, as cigarettes slow the recovery process.


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